Best Job Under UPSC- 2020

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Hello everyone today we will discuss about best Job Under UPSC for year 2020 and 2021. First of all we will discuss about What is UPSC and how its work to provide job to the students and after that we will discuss about the job and facilities provide under the Job to the candidates.

Best Job Under UPSC 2020-21

Firstly we will discuss about what is UPSC and works of the UPSC.

What is UPSC

Union public service commission is the full form of the UPSC. A Commission who organized all the exam of the Government Post of Group A, B and Defence Service Exam are conducted by the UPSC. Toughest exam conducted by the UPSC include NDA, Civil service which include IAS,IPS,IFS And IRS and many other reputed services. Now we will discuss about Jobs offered by the UPSC.

Job Offered by the UPSC

You have to clear different phase of the exam to get job through UPSC like written exam and Interview also. There are different pattern and Eligibility for the different Jobs. We will discuss about some reputed jobs under UPSC which are Civil service and Defence. First of all we will discuss about Civil service Exam pattern and Job requirement.

Civil service

Civil service exam is one of the toughest exam conducted by the UPSC every year. To apply for the civil service exam you need to be 21 year old and Graduation from any government certified University.

Stage of the Civil service exam

There are three stage of the exam which consists prelims, Mains and Interview.

You can check our previous article to read about the pattern of the civil service exam-Civil service exam

Jobs under civil service exam

IAS- Indian administrative Service is under civil service exam in which you have to clear the exam and go for training and after that you will get the job. One of the reputed job in the country is known as IAS.

IPS- Indian Police Service is also come under the civil service where you have to clear the exam conducted by the UPSC and after that you have to Go for the training.

IFS- Indian Foreign Service also considered under UPSC, where you will get in the service for the foreign policies as the Represent the country.


Most of the higher rank post in the defence service will be conducted by the UPSC exam which will include NA and NDA. You have to clear the exam conducted by the UPSC to Join NDA and NA.


Question- Which is the Toughest exam in the country?

Ans- Civil service exam is one of the toughest exam in the country?

Question- What is LBSNAA?

Answer- Lal bahadur Shastri National academy of Administration

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