Best Online Study Platform for Competition exam

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Hello everyone today we will discuss About Best Online study Platform for Competition exam. In the world of internet online Study become a Boost in the world of education. So today we will discuss More about Best Online study platform for competition exam.

Best Online study Platform for Competition exam

In the world of Internet, Education also take participate on the online platform, It is become easy to every needed student to study through online mode as well as Available every time for the student. There are different platform for the student to learn online at free of cost or also paid course are available for better preparation.

1- Youtube

Youtube is not only a platform of Entertainment, it is become a important platform of studies where every subject every class course and videos are available at the free of cost. You Just need a Internet connection and electronic device.

2- Website

You can easily help from different website available on the google platform to find out answer of your question. You can easily gets Notes and other essential Details from the internet which help in your Studies.

Pros and Cons of the Online Studies

In the internet world, the Online studies get a Excessive Boost in the educational field. There are Pros and Cons of everything in the world. So let’s discuss about the pros and Cons of the online studies.

Pros of the Online studies

Online studies are Cheaper than the offline classes and easily available to every needed student.

You can get the free education from the online source without paying any Investment.

You can study any time whenever you are free. It is best for the Job going students because they have less time to join any offline classes for the preparation of the exam and studies.

Cons of the Online studies
On the internet platform there are so much content that are not suitable for the children. Some of the teenagers spend there time on other platform insists of studies which cause effect on their studies and also their physical and mental health.

Every parents to be Ensure that what is learning and Watching by their student on the online platform. You can use several parental control apps to control the activities of your child.

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