Difference Between Private School and Government School?

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As you all know about the Condition of the Government School and the Private School facilities. There is no comparison between them. Private Schools are Far better than Government schools But Why Government Provides a Large number of Funds for the Government School but Students and parents believe in Private schools. So today we will discuss some points about it.

Difference Between Private School and Government School

Let’s Discuss some Points which can easily explain better.

Private SchoolGovernment School
Private School   Government School •             Well maintain School Building and Classroom •             Better Furniture and Well Designed Benches •             School management is well experienced and Good Behaviour •              The teaching team are hardworking and polite to the students  •             Poor School building and Dirty and uncleaned Classrooms •             Poor Furniture and Broken Benches •             School management is not understanding and Bad behaviour •             The teacher is not interested to teach students.  

There is much reason to differentiate between the Private school and Government school.

Result comparison of Both sector

Private schools providing proper classes and facilities to the students for the preparation of Boards as well as Competition exam preparation while the Government school does not pay attention towards the Boards classes as well as no classes for the competition exam. This is because of the lack attention of the teachers as well as the government,

Our Government just pay Funds for the students but they never Check where the Funds are going and what is the progress of the students.

While There is some Fault of the parents as well as students because the parents do not pay attention about what is going in the School and the students are also enjoying in the school, There are facts that most of 70% students go to school for the “Mid Day meal”.

So these are some difference between Private school and Government School

What Steps to Be taken to Uplift the Standard of Government School?

Before Uplift the Standard we have to Find Out the mistake in the system due to which the condition of Schools are become So bad. This is due to Corruption as well as Lack of Attention Toward the Funds release by The Authority

As well all Know Our Authority Rise a Big amount of Money Every year, So it is Our as well as Departmental Duty To Watch out the Proper Use of the Funds which will Give Benefits To The students.

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