How to manage Studies and Competition exam in the school

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Hello everyone today we will discuss How to manage the Studies and Competition exam in the school Period. As most of the students are In Deep Doubtful Situation To Handle both the studies and Other In the school Time.

How to manage Studies and Competition exam in the school

All the school going students had Face the situation of Two parallel World in which they have to Studies for their School or Boards exam as well as Prepare for the Competition exam.

So first of all we will talk about some basic to Go through from this Situation.

Let’s Suppose you are in 11th class and you are preparing for any exam which contains the syllabus of 12th class, So don’t take any Stress and Panic in your Brain and Daily routine of studies. You have a focus on just simple steps which include


  1. Syllabus and Exam pattern Analysis-  As you are preparing for higher class Competition exam so, first of all, you have to analysis the syllabus as well as The pattern of the exam Because it helps you to sort the subject and Topic which will Come in your exam and you will easily find out Half of the Topics in your Current class, so it is better to Firstly Find out the analysis of the paper.
  2. Consult to your Senior – You have Read about Experience, There are several Quotes about the experience, so You need an Experienced Person who had to Face the situation Before You. So consult to your Senior as well as Elder Brother and Sister who will guide you in the Right direction and Provide you a Right way and Strategy to Crack the exam as well as Help in your schooling.
  3. Self-analysis and Online source- If you are not comfortable sharing your Problem or Unable to express yourself before someone others, So you can take the help of Online sources like and Other Online platforms to Help you to analyze your Exam preparation.

How to Make Routine for the Boards and Competition exam

A student life Need full Of energy to prepare for School life, so You need a Proper Routine to Cover  up your syllabus as well as Competition exam.

Get up early in the morning which give you a fresh and peaceful environment To Studies, And Early to bed Provide you a Comfort sleep and Proper Sleep to Boast up your Energy.

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