How to Prepare for Competition Exam Online

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Hello everyone, today we will discuss About Online preparation of the competition exam.In the world of technology Online study is one of the ways to prepare for the Different Competition exam, So today we will discuss How to Prepare for the Competition exam.

How  to prepare for Competition exam Online

There are different Websites and Online Youtube channels that provide Quality education And Notes for the Preparation of the Exam. As the courage of Online studies increases day by day as well as It becomes necessary for the students to use the Internet for the preparation of the exam due to the pandemic also.

Firstly we will discuss the Youtube channels who are providing Online classes and Notes.


Wifistudy is one of the best and largest Youtube channels who is providing video lectures for a different exam like UPSC, Railway, Airforce, and Navy.

This platform provides Video lectures as well as Notes of The Competition exam You can easily found the Wifistudy on Youtube.

Study IQ

Study IQ is also Providing  All competition exam Video lecture as well as Notes of the different exam, If you want to prepare for any competition exam, So you can watch the video lecture of Study IQ where you can get better facilities At free of Cost.

If you are preparing for the UPSC Exam, You can subscribe to Wifistudy 2.0 Channel where you get All the video lecture for the Exam of the UPSC and Civil service exam.

Website to prepare For Exam through Online Platform

Now we will discuss the website Which is providing Notes and Articles for the exam. is one of the best websites who is providing Notes of the UPSC exam and doubts related to the Exam.

On the platform of the You will get different information as well as Rumors Which will provide you right path to prepare for the exam and Also Aware you from different  Unwanted step which were taken by students and Destroy their Career

Why Online Classes are better than Offline Classes?

Online you can learn from anywhere and when you want to study anytime, The cost of Online classes is cheaper than the Offline Classes. In the Offline classes, you have to visit the center and in the online classes, you can study from Your Home and office easily.

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