Impact of Lockdown on Student’s life

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Hello everyone today we will discuss About Impact of lockdown on the Student’s life. Due to the life of student was so much effected, the daily routine, Discipline and lifestyle is also changed. So let’s discuss more about it.

Impact of the lockdown on student’s life

Due to the pandemics and Lockdown. All the world Was stopped include the education of the student which cause a Huge Break in the studies of the students. Not only the studies, Daily Routine, Behavior and Discipline of the students also break down. let’s discuss about them one by one.

Daily routine

One of the most effected part of the student life is breakdown of their daily routine. Before the lockdown there is a Smooth System of daily school, college and Coaching which decide their complete Schedule But the complete breakdown of the Daily Schedule which create irregular Schedule of studies. There is also effect on morning time, student spend more time on sleeping during day time also which cause laziness in your body and fats.


There are lots of Mood swings in the mood of the Students during the lockdown by which they are become more aggressive as well as anger and depressed toward Family member. There are hick in the cases of depression during the lockdown.


One of the most important part of the student’s life is discipline which was learnt in the school or college but due to this Lock Period The students are become indiscipline which will effect there upcoming Period of education.

Positive Of Lockdown

The lockdown Apply to save the People from the pandemics is one of the positive output of the lockdown as well as the peoples got time to spend with their family and Help their Family member in the Household works include cooking also.

Students Get some time to refresh their mind as well as time to Pay attention toward their hobbies as well as Learning new Things to develop their Own Skills.

There are several Positive and negative effect of the lockdown on the student’s life, As some of the people use this pandemics as positive way while some of the people face the problem of living for two time meals.

Unity and Helping hands

This lockdown show the unity between the people of the world and country, There are lots of NGO And People who are providing Foods and Other several essential Items to needed peoples and migrants.

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