Student study tips- Top tips to Score good marks.

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Hello everyone Hope you are doing good in your studies, Today we will discuss about Student study tips to focus and Get good marks in the studies. In the world of competition students need focus and good marks to built and prepare for future studies. let’s discuss about it.

Student study tips- Top tips to score good marks.

Most of the students are in a doubtful stage to score good marks and about their studies, They tried several things to score good marks in the studies but do not get much Benefits in their efforts. So today we will talk about some tips For studies.

1- Time table

Most of the students had tried to make their time table for the studies but do not follow it properly, this is one of the major reason not to get better result in the studies. You have To make A proper time table according to your daily routine and Follow it Continue for Minimum 21 Days.

2- Self Studies

Some of the students join several coaching institute for their studies. After school and then coaching, a student make him busy during whole day in the school and coaching, He did not get time for the self studies which become a primary reason for not getting better marks in the exam because if you do not get proper attention toward your self studies you will not able to learn things for longer time.

3-Work on Weakness

Fear cause most impact on the result of a student life. Most of the students who had fear of any Subject, they do not focus on their weakness or tried to run away that subject. But if you want to score a good marks in your exam you have work on your weaker subject for make positive result.

4-Clear your basic

If you want to make any strong subject , you need to work on its roots or basic. Without a strong base or root you cannot make a strong building. So read your previous class basic or Current class basic to make strong to your Basic For better result. If you are weaker in any subject and its basic you can take help from online source as well as Your elder family member for learning the basic of the subjects.

How to remember things for Longer time?

To remember things and chapter for longer time you need to work on your mental health and focus, for this you have to start the meditation and Yoga to make your brain active and boost your brain for remember things for longer time. Do not use any pills to Increase your remember power, it will cause harm to your body.

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