Student teacher Relationship- Effect on Student life

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Hello everyone, Hope you are doing well, Today we will discuss about the purest relation between a student and a Teacher, As we all know that After Parents teacher is the Mentor and Path maker of the student, so today we will discuss About their relation and effect on the student life.

Student Teacher Relationship- Effect on Student life

In the life of a student teacher play a very important role from the beginning of the school to end of the college. Most of the time a Student spend under the guidance of a Teacher. A student learn lots of things from a Teacher include studies as well as about the Social Life.

Impact of the Teacher in a Student’s life

A student not only learning Education or subject course from a Teacher but he also learn the Habits of a Teacher like this way of talking, Dressing Sense, His or Her Behaviour and lots of other things.
So if you are a teacher always Remember that student’s are learning your life style also, So try to become their Role model and Create a Good and Healthy environment for them.

Relation Between a Teacher and Student

If you are a teacher you have to remember that you are not only teacher of the students who are mentor and role model of the students, so you have to solve out their study as well as Life Problems. Boost them like a friend always when they are in need. Give your 100% in teaching them and 100% also to Support them. Do not be rude everytime in the classroom, Be polity and Friendly to the student sometime to help them and Ask their Doubts and problem related to studies and Social life also.

How to interact with the students and Make them friends?

For a teacher it is tuff to create a friendly environment with the students in the classroom because there are so many restriction from the school management, So you can make a group of the student on your social media platform and also connect them with your contact number, where they freely share their opinion and share their problem with you.

Effect of the Student teacher relationship

Both the student and Teacher get chance to express their views openly without any bars of management and also get a freely platform to conservation with each other openly. Help to solve the problem of each others.

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