Top Government Job after Graduation

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Hello everyone today we will discuss about Top Government Job after the Graduation or complete Higher Studies. Most of the Students are searching for a secure job which mean Government Job for them after completing their Higher studies include Graduation, So today we will discuss about some of the Government Jobs.

Top Government Job after graduation

1- Railways

Railway is one of the biggest government job provider sector which include different post for different categories like Engineer, Management and Caretakers. So everyone can apply according to the demand of the railways on several posts. Railways Provide A Big amount of Salary. One of the Highest Paid Government Sector.

Railways Release their Demand of Candidate every year according to their Need, So you have to Updates about the list of the requirement. You can visit to the official website of railways and Get updates toward the Jobs.

Who can Get job in Railways?

Railways release their Requirement every year or Gap of years, So it is depend on their Demand. They will invite candidate for different jobs according to their education. From 10 to Graduation there are different post in the railways.

2- Banking Sector

Banking is also one of the important and Biggest sector of Government. There are a Huge demand of Workers in the banking sector every year. You have to clear the exam organized by the Government for the banking post. Banking provide you Good amount of salary as well as You will get other facilities like Residence etc at the higher post.

Who can apply for the Banking Exam?

Mostly the post in the banking sector were offered to the graduated students but it is also depend on the Bank like Security, Caretaker also Appoint by the Bank on your experience or training.

3- Agriculture Department

As well all know about Government pay more attention toward the agriculture, So the demand as well as Need of staff is high in the field of Agriculture department. You can apply for several post in the agriculture department basis on your education and experience. Salary will increase according to your time to job as well as Post in the department.

Who can Join the agriculture department?

You can apply for the job after 12th class and also depend on the demand of the departement.

4- Defence

After completing your 12th class as well as graduation you can apply for the defence service in different department which are airforce, Navy and Army. You can easily apply after 12th class and For Higher post you can apply after graduation. Salary is affordable for you in the service. You will get other benefits in the service.

Who can Join Defence Service?

You need to be physical fit and Minimum age 17 to join the service.

5- Civil service

Civil service is one of the reputed service in our country, We can’t say it as a Job because this is a service where you have to serve for the people of nation like as Defence Service. You will get A good amount of salary but you need to face a Tough exam to join this service.

Who can appear for Civil service exam?

MInimum age 21 and Graduation required for the Civil service exam which include IAS,IPS,IFS and IRS services.Exam condutcted by UPSC

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